• Why Menaul

    A curriculum system carefully designed for elite Chinese students

    The course of study consists of four modules: Academic Core Courses, R&D Program, Quality and Character Building Education and ESL, covering all disciplines found in typical U.S. high schools. The R&D program aims to guide students to explore their individual subject areas of interest, to apply theoretical knowledge to practical real – world situations, to stimulate students' academic curiosity, and to cultivate practical and innovative skills. Based on the American high school common core curriculum, course modules allow students to complete research projects based on their own interests and special abilities. Students will also participate in interdisciplinary exploration through experiments, social research, group discussions and other forms of learning. The R&D course is actively integrated into the innovative curriculum system of Qingdao No. 2 Middle School and nearby Qingdao universities. It allows the school to fully utilize the resources of their faculty, laboratory and research facilities. It also creates a platform for students to achieve optimum individualized academic development. At Menaul School Qingdao, we offer a whole series of R&D related electives including robotics, drones, 3D modeling, Arctic studies, business studies, marine biology, and studio arts. Students can choose their own electives, thus allowing them to conduct research for 1-2 years under the guidance of expert tutors at Menaul or abroad. Every stage of developing guided research proposals, conducting field trips or experiments, writing detailed and lengthy research papers greatly enhances each students’ ability to succeed in college. ESL courses facilitate individual student development of a superior academic English language foundation. This exponentially enhances student chances for success on various international standardized tests such as the TOEFL, SAT, ACT, etc., which in turn allows MSQ graduates to meet the admission requirements for top – tier colleges and universities in Europe and America.

    Highly qualified and experienced Menaul School Qingdao teachers and management team

    The faculty consists of highly qualified teachers, who are experts in various fields, and an experienced management team. Most of the teachers have masters or doctoral degrees. All core courses are taught by native English speaking foreign faculty with outstanding professional skills and extensive teaching experiences. The team of experts responsible for guiding student R&D project s includes well-known overseas university professors and local scholars . The management team is composed of Chinese and American education management experts. They are familiar with developing trends in international education and have many years of experience in school operations and management.

    The Menaul School Qingdao scientific teaching management system

    • To establish and expand individual student subject foundations and to enhance their learning progress, MSQ teachers stream classes and utilize modern facilities.
    • MSQ has a unique dual – track student support and management system that allows instructors and tutors to provide continuous academic support and follow – up on a case-by-case basis so that every learner has the chance to not just succeed, but to academically excel.
    • Both scheduled face-to-face and online communication enables  parents to support their children, to witness their academic and emotional growth and to celebrate their academic achievements.
    • Customized MSQ courses maximize individual student intellectual stimulation in their specific areas of academic interest and hones their academic research skills for success at MSQ and in university.

    Tailor-made MSQ college application process and a world-class application guidance team.

    • The college-application team partnered with a group of expert mentors composed of overseas university professors and local research institute scholars to help students select the most suitable R&D projects for them. They then provide students with ongoing professional guidance to enhance student core academic competencies.

    • MSQ’s college-application team consists of a former Ivy League admissions officer and skilled domestic university application experts. They provide students with courses covering exam preparation, comprehensive academic competency improvement, as well as useful guidance on how to apply for scholarships and admission to prestigious overseas colleges (including interview counseling).

    An international campus with a first-class school environment.

    MSQ is located in the Blue Silicon Valley. It is currently the only marine high-tech city in China. MSQ is in close proximity to 14 national research institutions, 16 universities and 12 major national science and technology platform project bases. In brief, the Blue Silicon Valley is a world – class marine science and innovative research center.


    MSQ is a free- standing (independently built ) new facility on a 35,000 square meter campus. The architectural motif of the buildings on campus is a combination of Chinese and American styles. Moreover, the grounds are green and environmentally friendly. Students enjoy a healthy, safe and warm learning and living environment. Human and digital security is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure the safety of everyone at school. There is also a nurse on campus and a modern medical facility. MSQ has modern classrooms, special rooms for art, drama, music, sport and science classes as well as outdoor athletic facilities and ball courts. These create a wonderful environment for learning and play. There is a central air-conditioning and heating system for the comfort of all. The cafeteria serves three large nutritious and tasty hot meals every day. The student residences provide all the amenities of home. All dorm rooms are standard double rooms with en suite bathrooms and a 24-hour hot water supply. Laundry facilities are also available for student use.