• Online Application

    Application requirements: We are looking for grade 9 to grade 12 students with good study habits and a strong work ethic who perform well academically.


    * Students who are not yet in grade 7-9 need to provide transcript (s) from previous schools

    * 10th grade students need to pass the high school entrance exam

    * Transfer students in Grade 11 or Grade 12 need to provide all transcripts from their previous school (s)

  • How to apply


    Submit student information form online


    Provide transcripts or other relative scores as additional evidence of academic performance


    Sit & pass MSQ’s Two – Part Entrance Exam


    Successful candidates will receive a letter of admission

  • MSQ Entrance Exam

    There are two parts to the MSQ Entrance Exam:

    • A written test to access English proficiency and mathematical ability in English.

    • An oral interview conducted by the academic principal or a senior foreign teacher

       to assess oral communication skills in English.

  • Online Application Form