• Introducing the best American high school curriculum, offering full curriculum choices, providing platforms for individual development, and ensuring desirable studying results for all students.

    Century-old school

    High-quality diplomas High recognition by universities

    Teacher-to-student ratio

    first class faculty and management teams

    Dual-track academic management with course teachers and study advisors following up on student progress

    76 American high school credit courses, including 59 core courses and 17 elective courses

    17 AP courses cover most AP subjects required for American college applications

    More than 20 student-run clubs (Basketball, MUN, Business Simulation, Robotics, Dancing Clubs) as well as teams participated in various international competitions

    More than 12 hours ESL and individual tutorial courses per week

    60% graduates from Menaul were accepted into TOP 50 U.S. Universities

    100% graduates from Menaul were accepted into TOP 80 U.S. Universities

    One-to-one university counselling, varied communication between school and home, and formulating exclusive study path planning


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