• Excellent Graduates

    Founded in 1896, Menaul School has cultivated a large number of talents and elites. In 2013, Menaul China was established.

    Over the years, hundreds of outstanding graduates have entered world-renowned universities in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and other countries.

  • Peize Li


    Vanderbilt University

    Xiaoxiao Feng


    University of Washington

    Zhixiao Li


    The Pennsylvania State University

    Hanzhe Li


    University of California, Santa Barbara

    Jiayi Wang


    Fashion Institute of Technology,
    State University of New York

    Shenghan LU


    University of California, Santa Cruz

    Zhenhang Luo


    Miami University Oxford,OH·EST

    Xuliang Xiao


    The State University of New York at Stony Brook

    Yiwei Cui


    University of California, Santa Cruz

    Hao Fan


    University of California, Berkeley

    Tianning Zhai


    Macalester College

    Wenxuan Wang


    University of Miami

    Mingxuan Zhang


    UC, Davis

    Yifan Zhang


    Pennsylvania State University

    Yifan Zhang


    Virginia Tech

    Zitao Wang


    The Pennsylvania State University

    Yifan Lv


    School of Visual Arts

    Yuqi Tian


    The University of Sydney

    Junheng Wang


    University of Wisconsin-Madison


    Zhimeng Shi


    The University of Manchester

    Xiao Wang


    The University of Manchester

    Chaoyu Wu


    University of Bristol

    Liangxu Qu


    Arizona State University

    Siwei Wu


    The University of Iowa

    Beiwei Kang


    University of Missouri Columbia

    Zuodong Niu


    Michigan State University

    Ruishan Lu


    The University of Melbourne

    Hongcheng Yang


    The University of Sydney

    Tianyi Jing


    The University of Sydney

    Zhaoyang Wu


    The University of New South Wales

    Yuanchi Hao


    Monash University