• College Counseling Team

    Unlike many international schools in China, Menaul School Qingdao has its own dedicated College Counseling Office.


    The college counseling team consists of a former Ivy League admissions officer and skilled domestic university application experts. They provide students with courses covering exam preparation, comprehensive academic competency improvement, as well as useful guidance on how to apply for scholarships and admission to prestigious overseas colleges (including interview counseling).


    Our college counselors have many years of experience capably guiding students through the complicated process of gaining entry into their dream universities. They also have a wide network of contacts in the admissions departments of many of the world’s leading international universities. Consequently, they have an impressive track record of assisting our graduates to be accepted by top – tier international universities.


    The college counseling team professionally and methodically collects student data and grades, creates and updates their files, has them sit a KUDER exam, regularly communicates with parents and involves them when international colleges visit MSQ or Qingdao. They also deftly guide students through every phase of the application process, including how to obtain references from MSQ teachers and the intricacies of writing college application essays.


    For students who have interests in external counseling resources, our team gladly provide drecommendations such as our global tutor plan as well as other avenues of assistance.


    We work closely with each student to help them gain entry into their dream university!

    Jack Wang


    Director of college counseling

    BA , Beijing University

    MA , University of Southern California

    International Education: 16 years experience



    Chuck Hughes


    Fomer Harvard admissions officer


    Jing Chen


    Deputy Director of college counseling




    José Román


    Yale University

    Assistant Director of Undergraduate Recruitment

    Boston College of Law

    Pre-admission Assistant Director

    Ramie Jacobson



    Asian Project Members


    Rameez Qudsi


    Interviewer for members of Harvard Medical School and MIT Pre-admission Committee

    Kim H. Burnham


    Former Assistant Director of Admission Office, Harvard Institute of Education

    Benjamin Schwartz


    Former Assistant Director of Admissions at Dartmouth University

    Meredith Morgan Davis


    Yale University

    Richard Light Fellowship Scholarship Winner

    Jinesh Shah


    Harvard Medical College

    Former admissions committee members

    Carolina Maharbiz


    Yale Law School

    Former Admission Director

    Katherine Bai


    Columbia University

    Doctor of laws