• College Application

  • College Counseling

    With increasingly fierce competition to be accepted into top international colleges, it is not enough for students to just have excellent GPA or TOEFL scores. Students need to stand out from other applicants by having extraordinary academic or extracurricular achievements. At Menaul School Qingdao (MSQ), we facilitate this through our very own R&D program by inviting former and current experts to lecture, guide and advise students completing unique R&D projects that will set them apart from other college applicants. We also ensure that individual MSQ student needs are met through an additional six – step program.

  • Extracurricular Activities

    A successful college application is directly related to student involvement within their community both on and off campus.

    Coding Passion

    We use extensive Internet and database access to fully develop students' interests. This may include starting a club or organization, obtaining a specific certification, attending a competition, or any other strategy to code students' passions.

    Summer vacation plan and strategy

    We will assist students to choose and apply for the most suitable overseas summer school programs related to their future college studies. These differ in content and length based on individualized student needs.

    Internship and work experience

    Our team will help students choose the most valuable internship and work opportunities to maximize their competitiveness. This includes helping students search and apply for intern projects and opportunities to work with PHD students and professors in top universities.

    Individualized Study Plans

    We will create an individual study plan for every student that covers the duration of their studies at MSQ. It will address individual student academic needs in core / honors / AP courses, and set goals for achieving high scores on the TOFEL / IELTS, SAT or ACT, and SATII.

    Other Activities

    If students have skills or talents in special areas, such as sports, music, technology or other activities (e.g. Speech & Debate Contests or the Model United Nations), our team will guide students to include and highlight these extracurricular activities on their college applications so they stand out and have a greater chance of being accepted by their dream universities.